Telephone Fraud
Since last Friday random Pakistanis, and Pakistan-origin individuals, are receiving intimidating telephone calls; from Urdu/Hindi speakers, impersonating as some official of this Embassy. The innocent victims are told to transfer certain amounts to online accounts; failing which they would either be deported from Germany (in case of the refugees), or face serious legal problems (in case of the regular residents). In some cases, the calls were showing caller ID of this Embassy’s phone Number +49 30 212440. Some people also received calls showing caller ID of a telephone number of the German Embassy in Islamabad. This Embassy has reported this scam to the German police who are investigating the matter. They have informed that identical scam concerning other South Asian embassies in Berlin has been going on for many weeks where the telephone numbers of Ausländerbehörde were also used. Apparently, by using certain software, these days, a caller can assume the identity of any telephone number he chooses. Pakistani community is being advised to pay no heed to such threats. This is very likely a criminal gang involved in cyber/telecom scams. In the event of receiving such calls, the number from which call has originated, date and time of call, contact number on which the call was received and nature of demand or threat may be furnished to police as well as Embassy of Pakistan. ( Where possible, such calls may be recorded as well, which will help the police in identifying the criminals involved.